Penn State Great Valley Conference Center

We are very excited to return to the PSUGV Conference Center for TECH360 2019! The Musser Auditorium offers corporate-style tiered seating for 400, state-of-the-art technology and wireless connectivity throughout the building. The beautiful floor-to-ceiling glass windows in the Main Lobby create the perfect open space for networking. Handicap accessibility, lots of free parking, and a convenient location accessible from all around the Region makes PSUGV a fantastic location for TECH360 2019.
BUT did you know that there is an art gallery located on the second floor? The Henry Gallery focuses on group shows of local and regional arts and artists and the community organizations that support and encourage their work. Be sure to take a few minutes to walk through the current exhibit when you are at TECH360!

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TECH360 Looks Forward to Autumn 2021

As you might have guessed, TECH360 has been rescheduled for Autumn 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The organizing team – comprised of local business leaders and the team at CCEDC – has prioritized the safety of attendees above all else. Our planning efforts continue behind the scenes as we work to bring a fantastic in-person event in the fall of next year. In the meantime, head over to the ITAG website for updates on the many activities happening there.

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