Planning for TECH360 2020 Now Underway

We’re excited to share the news that the core organizing team for TECH360 has assembled for its first planning meeting for 2020. In light of the coronavirus, the team gathered together in a Zoom call to begin to plan for this leading tech conference.

So Much Uncertainty

At this early stage in both our own conference planning process, and in the COVID-19 driven lock downs, the only thing that is certain is that there is much uncertainty about what lies ahead. As technologists, business leaders, and community organizers, we appreciate that we cannot predict where the world – and more specifically Southeast Pennsylvania – will be in six months’ time. As such, our initial planning work is more about exploring the needs, concerns, expectations, and hopes of the local tech sector. We want to organize a TECH360 that will bring real value to our attendees, and their businesses and organizations.

We’d Love Your Input

The ITAG community is deeply committed to partnership, collaboration, and inclusion. As organizers of TECH360, we know that this wonderful event will be better and more valuable the more that it reflects the needs and aims of our local tech community. To that end, we invite you, as members of ITAG and the local tech sector, to share your thoughts on where you would like to see TECH360 go this year.

Please join our LinkedIn Group to engage in what we hope will be an on-going and evolving discussion.

If you’d prefer to share your comments and feedback more discretely, please do send Marianne Stack an email.

Introducing the TECH360 Organizing Team

For a few years now, TECH360 has relied on a core team of both CCEDC staff and ITAG member volunteers to deliver the Philly ‘burbs premier innovative business technology conference. This year will be no different as we know that together we can always achieve more. While we will be inviting more ITAG members to join our planning team in due course, at this early stage the planning team is as follows.

Look Out for On-Going Updates

As we progress our planning efforts for TECH360 about the only thing we can guarantee is that we will continue to share information about our planning process. There is so much in flux right now that we cannot yet commit to any conferences specifics. Yet, we will definitely make communicating with our community a priority as we continue our work to making TECH360 a wonderful experience for all.

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