Alan Hutto

Alan Hutto is a Senior User Experience Designer at Cerner Corporation in Malvern, Pennsylvania. His career path includes roles as an award-winning fur coat salesman, outdoor adventurer, corporate trainer, science educator, and entrepreneur. Alan and his family are avid travelers with the goal of visiting all seven wonders of the modern world by 2025. He is inspired by physical and biological designs that are elegant in function and form.

Cracking the Code: What Escape Rooms Can Teach Us About the Enterprise Software User Experience

Escape rooms ask participants to lock themselves in a room of someone else’s design with the express purpose of finding their way out as quickly and efficiently as possible.  User experience designer Alan Hutto noticed that asking users to navigate enterprise software is a similar proposition.  In this educational and inspiring talk, Alan explores the puzzles that users face in both escape rooms and software applications, and suggests ways to help users of enterprise software escape faster through thoughtful design.  Pulling from interviews with escape room operators, professors of game design, and escape room enthusiasts from around the world, Alan shares ideas about how motivation, discovery, and even celebration play instrumental roles in the success of users in enterprise software.