Benjamin Cohen

Ben joined Momentum Dynamics in 2015 and is now the VP of Engineering. Ben has 30 years of experience designing and managing complex systems including high speed digital design and FPGA’s, RF design, mechanical design, compliance engineering and manufacturing engineering. Prior to Joining Momentum Dynamics, Ben held the positions of Director of Hardware and Embedded Software, Hardware Development Manager, Principal FPGA Architect and Digital Design Manager at TruePosition. He was a key technical and managerial contributor for a start-up in the wireless location industry (including E911 emergency location systems) that grew to more than $280M in revenue annually, $1B in revenue over 4 years. Ben spent his career at TruePosition driving the development of 3 generations of emergency location systems in his various roles. Ben has worked in telecommunications, Industrial controls, aerospace and now high power inductive charging. Ben has a strong background in product realization through architecture, design, management, test, compliance and manufacturing. Ben received a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University and a Master’s of Science in Electrical Engineering from Penn State University.

High Power Automatic Charging as an Enabling Technology for EV’s & AV’s

All classes of electric vehicles are coming onto the market and going into commercial and personal use. Fleets of electric vehicles require fast, autonomous and safe fueling solutions. Wireless DC Fast Charging is an enabling technology for EV fleets such as taxis, shuttle vans, delivery trucks and buses. Momentum Dynamics has developed a modular design for the equipment that goes on the vehicle that works with all classes of EV’s. The EV revolution is here and requires a revolution in fueling technology.

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