Brigitte F. Daniel Esq.

A ‘telecom visionary’ according to Marie Claire magazine and a vocal advocate for gender and cultural diversity in the tech industry, Brigitte Daniel is the EVP of Wilco Electronic Systems. As one of the last minority owned cable providers in the Nation, Wilco has been dedicated to providing innovative and affordable technology services to underserved communities for over 40 years, and to addressing diversity and inclusion inequities within technology ecosystems across the Nation.

Philadelphia’s Roadmap to Supercharging Inclusive Innovation

The Philadelphia Region is on the rise. In every sector of work, life and play, the city is excelling and innovation is at an all time high. However, within this exciting time of transition for the Region and our growing innovation economy, the disparities between those who are engaged and able to participate are also a looming concern. This talk will make the case that in order for the Philadelphia Region to truly be at the epicenter and become a tech and innovation hub of the Nation, it is economically imperative that key anchor institutions, which include technology corporations and start ups, must prioritize and standardize a strategic and cohesive vision of inclusive innovation.

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