Chad Ostrowski

Chad Ostrowski is a bipedal mammal doing his thinking in an Indo-European language. He helps people live intentionally at and motivates them at He works for the fully distributed Innovation Consultancy Citrusbyte, building things with React and Ruby off Rails, and currently researching how to build distributed apps. Chad started building things on the web to satisfy his artistic desires, and still finds the mix of technical and creative thinking to be one of the most engaging aspects of the job. He mentors and teaches on the side, to help other newbies experience the joys of code. Lately he’s been contemplating how human society can mature as a whole to better take care of all people and tackle pressing global problems. He wonders if the distributed web has a part to play in this endeavor. Please advise.

A Non-Technical Intro to Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

Lots of people are really excited about Bitcoin right now. This interactive talk explains what Bitcoin is and why people are excited. The following three types of people will enjoy this discussion: 1. People who have never heard of Bitcoin. 2. People who have heard some rumors and have been meaning to look into it. 3. Seasoned Bitcoin professionals. If one of those sound like you, welcome! Let’s get our bearings in this exciting new world.