Jeffrey Headley

Chief Client Officer @ CompassRed Data Labs

Jeff lives by a simple mantra, “leave it better than you found it”. From his first paper route to his global data & analytic roles, Jeff strives to improve himself and everyone around him every day. He LOVES helping companies tap into the power of their data to create innovative new products, drive revenue, customer experiences, and operational efficiencies. Jeff has spent the last 28 years using data to drive actionable insights and new products in multiple sectors including retail, entertainment, and retail banking. He’s overseen projects for the likes of Disney, Kroger, Tesco, Macy’s, Home Depot, Panasonic and AutoZone, helping to personalize customer experiences, predict future outcomes, increase revenue, and squeeze as much value from data as possible. Jeff was most recently the US Managing Director for Black Swan Data, a fast-growing London-based predictive analytics start up. Prior to that, he spent 11 years with dunnhumby as the SVP of Personalization. He also has 14 years of retail banking data and analytics experience. He has a BS in Management Science from VA Tech and MBA from Queens University. When he’s not trying to change the world through data, you can find him getting muddy on his mountain bike or annoying the neighbors with this guitar playing.

The Algorithm Economy

This session will examine the growth of the algorithm from its origins as a way to express a mathematic function to a near-ubiquitous part of the world we all live in. We will examine real world examples of algorithms from the mundane to the complex. We will focus on algorithms being used to drive business value, positive societal outcomes, and others that occupy a “gray space” that require more debate and discussion. We will also look at what organizations need to do to actively and successfully participate in the algorithm economy. Participants should walk away from this session with a better appreciation of how algorithms shape our lives, concrete examples of positive and negative impacts of algorithms, and a sense of the skillsets and technology that are key to participating.