Jim Prendergast

Jim Prendergast is a founding partner of Mullen Coughlin. Mr. Prendergast’s practice is focused on representing clients who have experienced a data compromise and clients with data privacy issues. Mr. Prendergast has represented clients with high profile, national exposure data compromises. Mr. Prendergast uses the legal skills and talents he developed over the past twenty-five years as a prosecutor and trial attorney to assist his clients. Mr. Prendergast has represented many clients who have suffered an exposure of credit card data as a result of criminal hacking or unintentional exposure. Mr. Prendergast has also represented numerous colleges and universities, which have been the victims of cyber attacks and other data events. He provides counsel to his clients from day one of the compromise until compliance is accomplished. Mr. Prendergast works on a daily basis with federal and state regulators, federal and local law enforcement officials, issuing and acquiring banks and the credit card industry. In addition, Mr. Prendergast assists clients with HIPAA compromise and compliance issues, preparation of incident response plans and other data privacy consulting issues. Mr. Prendergast is also a frequent speaker on data privacy and data security matters.

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