John Buhl

John Buhl is a Principal at Vanguard and is leading our technology transformation efforts to enable Vanguard to deliver business value at start-up speeds.  Prior to this, John led our Retail Digital Services group, which is responsible for the strategy, delivery, and measurement of the web and mobile experiences of our highly virtual Retail direct business.  Prior Vanguard experiences included leading an effort to transform the service model and client experience for some of Vanguard’s best clients and internal consulting work in our Corporate Strategy team.  John joined Vanguard in 2005 after working for The Parthenon Group, a boutique strategy consulting firm based in Boston, MA, where he helped develop strategies for clients in publishing, chemical manufacturing, professional sports, and financial services.  John earned his MBA at the MIT Sloan School of Management and his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Creating Business Value at Start-up Speed

Many organizations have achieved great success by refining and perfecting their products and work processes.  However, in a world where change is accelerating due to emergent technologies, competitors, regulatory changes, and novel opportunities, so-called “legacy” companies can find that those well-worn patterns of behavior greatly inhibit their ability to react.  This talk will describe Vanguard’s ongoing path towards consistently creating Business Value at Start-up Speed, and hopefully inspire similar journeys in your own organizations.