John V. Rafferty

Attorney Rafferty litigates cases on behalf of small businesses and corporations in Chester County in the area of contract, fraud, unfair trade practices, consumer protection and negligence. Mr. Rafferty has been studying blockchain technology for more than a year and after he was published on the topic in the Legal Intelligencer, Mr. Rafferty has made blockchain cases part of his professional portfolio.

Blockchain: Possibilities Beyond Cyrptocurrencies – Panelist

With the future of blockchain emerging rapidly, the momentum of the subject is gaining attention from legal technology providers, courts, and law firms. According to Forbes, the Securities and Exchange Commission references almost 2,000 blockchain mentions in transcripts, filings, and company press releases. With the potential power of blockchain in the legal industry, join in a discussion about how the adoption of blockchain could impact contract law, supply chain logistics, art authenticity, title insurance, and more.