Olin Honoré

Olin Honoré is Director of Systems and Infrastructure at Hamilton Lane Advisors, where he is responsible for selecting and implementing best fit technologies for the firm and for setting the course for IT innovation.  Olin has more than 30 years of IT experience spanning multiple business sectors and various  IT concentrations including life sciences, financial services, manufacturing, health care, and construction. Prior to joining Hamilton Lane in 2001, Olin was Manager of Systems Integration for First Consulting Group, where he worked for a number of major corporations  managing such projects as multi-site integration, security modeling, infrastructure design,  programming languages, architecting new systems, designing wide area networks, application environments, auditing technology programs, and the development of an infrastructure services group. Prior to First Consulting Group, Olin was Manager of Technology for the Rosen Organization. Olin has served on numerous panels in the Financial sector discussing cybersecurity, best practices for worldwide information technology, and creating innovation within a corporate environment.

Blockchain: Possibilities Beyond Cyrptocurrencies – Moderator

With the future of blockchain emerging rapidly, the momentum of the subject is gaining attention from legal technology providers, courts, and law firms. According to Forbes, the Securities and Exchange Commission references almost 2,000 blockchain mentions in transcripts, filings, and company press releases. With the potential power of blockchain in the legal industry, join in a discussion about how the adoption of blockchain could impact contract law, supply chain logistics, art authenticity, title insurance, and more.