Peg Monaghan

Peg Monaghan

Peg Monaghan is the Program Consultant with the SAP Autism at Work Program. She has participated with the program since its inception in 2014 as a buddy and mentor. In 2016 she joined the program in her full-time role. She supports all phases of the program – sourcing talent and selecting candidates, developing and delivering Enterprise Readiness Academy, supporting candidates in their job search and helping to sustain full-time employees. The Enterprise Readiness Academy is a 6-week program focuses on teamwork, communication and collaboration using Design Thinking as a method of problem solving. Her role includes supporting all Autism at Work colleagues in the United States. She has developed program for high school and college students with autism to introduce them to enterprise life. The motivation is to help students develop their creativity and collaboration skills through interaction and socialization with SAP colleagues – to help discover their passions. Peg has been with SAP for 14 years. As Storage Engineer for 11 years before moving to Autism at Work. Peg has a BA and MBA in the Information Systems from LaSalle University and MS in Virtual Team Management from Brandeis University. She has 8 years of experience as an Adjunct faculty member teaching Computer Science.

Autism in the Work Place

During this session we will talk about the SAP Autism at Work Program. The road the program has travelled from its inception to today. We will talk about the public-private partnerships we’ve developed to deliver the program. We’ll discuss at a high level the major processes for the program – sourcing, screening, training, job searching, on-boarding and sustaining. We will talk about some of the challenges and the successes – how innovation comes from having teams who think differently. This session will demonstrate how SAP would like to take something seen as extraordinary and make it ordinary.





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TECH360 Looks Forward to Autumn 2021

As you might have guessed, TECH360 has been rescheduled for Autumn 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The organizing team – comprised of local business leaders and the team at CCEDC – has prioritized the safety of attendees above all else. Our planning efforts continue behind the scenes as we work to bring a fantastic in-person event in the fall of next year. In the meantime, head over to the ITAG website for updates on the many activities happening there.

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