Russ Kliman, SEI

Russ Kliman

Russ Kliman is a design leader, innovator, and evangelist for challenging mental models. Accountable to SEI’s CFO and CEO, Russ’ focus is to lead strategic programs which have direct impact across SEI’s markets globally. In addition to leading various strategic programs, Russ is also the Head of SEI’s Global Innovation Program. In his strategic role, Russ engages with SEI’s business unit leaders to help creatively solve business challenges, identify digital opportunities, and/or explore new business models. As the Global Innovation Program leader, Russ champions engaging SEI’s global community of employees in adopting design thinking, user-centered design principles, and creative problem-solving techniques. Throughout Russ’ career, he has led product design, technology, and innovation strategies for businesses ranging from start-ups to billion-dollar enterprises. At various stages of his 17-year tenure with SEI, he has led various strategic initiatives from new business marketing and business development, to product design and technology leadership. Russ has held previous positions at Aetna, CIGNA, Advanta, Fleet Bank, as well as internet startups CDNOW and eSchoolMall. Russ holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems Design from Drexel University, located in Philadelphia, PA.

Digital Transformation and the New Digital Consumer

Digital transformation is upon us, impacting all industries across the entire value chain of product and service delivery. To respond to this business imperative, firms must enact a business strategy, not a technical strategy, to successfully drive transformation. In this session, attendees will learn how the digital consumer has become the catalyst for transformation, impacting everything from the employee experience and operations, to the products, insights, and channels through which you engage your customers. In addition, attendees will have actionable insights on how best to embark on a digital transformation journey.

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